Thank you for your interest in my website but I am currently not accepting any more clients. This online portfolio is used primarily to showcase my work at the moment. Thank you for your understanding.


Hello, you have reached the home of graphic designer extraordinaire, Shannon Edmondson!

Just Imagine Design is my personal brand where I get to explore every area of design with no boundaries while adding a personal touch here and there. I put the same amount of care and effort with every project I work on whether it is for web development, branding, user interface design, business cards or for wedding invitations. I also have a touch of OCD so my attention to detail is phenomenal if I do say so myself.


Well, as I covered in WHO, I am a designer through and through (as well as an accidental rhymer it seems).

I graduated from an excellent Graphic Design program at the Fanshawe College of Applied Arts & Technology located in London, Ontario with a GPA above a 4.0 (the highest score is 4.2 so you get the idea). Since then, I have had plenty of experience with real world design projects, working with a team, and coordinating marketing strategies. All of which contribute to making Just Imagine Design a well-rounded design agency capable of making your project just the way you want it.


I am currently living in Brodhagen, a small rural town outside of Stratford, Ontario. As you have probably heard, Stratford is known as the home of Justin Beiber...please hold your applause.

Stratford has many other interesting attributes as well but you can just google it. I was born in Hamilton and I grew up in a lovely town called Ancaster my whole life until I went to Fanshawe College in London. However, luckily location does not matter in the design world so just ignore this whole paragraph. If you would like to work with me, we will make it work. And if you would like to meet with me and are in the area, we can make that work as well.


So I can sound cliché when I say it is my passion! But really, it's what I love to do.

It's what I have always wanted to do even when I didn't know I wanted to do it. Confused yet? I was always a creative child, which eventually turned me into a creative adult with graphic design as my outlet. I also needed a way to make a living and bring home the bacon. Mmmmmmm...bacon.


With a combination of the latest technologies and the creative juices of the brain.

And usually aided by lots of caffeine although that is optional. Once I know all the dirty details of your project, I will get down to business and start my creative process all while keeping you up to date along the way. That is how!